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Along Toodyay Road we will lose:

Source: Main Roads Western Australia

hectares of native vegetation

potential breeding trees for black cockatoos with 94 hollows

hectares of foraging habitat for black cockatoos

hectares of suitable habitat for chuditch

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Offsets, what are they good for?

Main Roads Western Australia (MRWA) is one of many organisations, private and public, that claim offsets constitute equal compensation when applying for Native Vegetation Clearance permits. So what are offsets and why are they not compensation for mature, old-growth vegetation? Find out.

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Beaufortia purpurea

Purple beaufortia (Beaufortia purpurea), classified as priority three, meaning that it is poorly known and known from only a few locations. Photograph: Elaine Hall.

You can Help Save iconic Toodyay road

Current road works taking place between the Jingaling Brook Road and Lovers Lane on Toodyay Road have caused environmental destruction not anticipated by the Toodyay and surrounding community.

This level of destruction of beautiful rural scenery and native bush that contributes to the value of Toodyay as a destination is neither necessary or justified in order to improve road safety.

Current Road works at Jingaling - road works in progress with woodchips lining the road

If you were shocked by these recent road works, future plans see even larger clearing footprints with realignments that only marginally improve the safety of Toodyay road.

Gone will be: old-growth eucalypt, native orchids, priority classified plants such as the purple beaufortia (featured), hollows that birds and other wildlife rely on to survive, food sources that cannot be easily replaced.

A male and female Carnaby's Black Cockatoos sitting on a tree branch
Wandoo paperbark flowers


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