Maps & Impact

Below you will find maps of the proposed Sandplain/Salt Valley Road/Toodyay Road intersection plans as well as the Fernie Road/Toodyay Road intersection plans.

We are currently compiling more information about the impact of roadworks on both sections, as well as the Toodyay township, so watch this space.

Along Toodyay Road we will lose:

Source: Main Roads Western Australia

hectares of native vegetation

potential breeding trees for black cockatoos with 94 hollows

hectares of foraging habitat for black cockatoos

hectares of suitable habitat for chuditch

MRWA upgrade animation &  response

MRWA video screen grab

Our questions & comments

In response to the MRWA upcoming roadworks video.


We will lose:

Sandplain/ Salt valley Road intersections

Source: Main Roads Western Australia

hectares of native vegetation

cockatoo breeding trees

hectares of cockatoo foraging habitat

priority plants


The current plan for this section is to realign Toodyay Road from around Clackline Road to Strahan Road and drop the summit by 11 meters impacting 13.6 hectares of vegetation which will be cleared.

There are 188 old-growth trees found along this stretch that will be bulldozed. At the intersection of Salt Valley Road you will find a mighty example of a 400+ year-old Wandoo Powderbark, alongside its equally elderly neighbours. These beautiful trees provide important habitats to endangered Black Cockatoos among other species.

At least 7 priority plants are also found here. Toodyay has recently achieved Wildflower Friendly Town status and both Salt Valley Road and Sandplain Road are designated Flora roads.  Tourists flock there during spring to see the most dazzling colour displays.

We agree that there need to be improvements on this stretch to allow safer turning points at these intersections but would like to see alternatives to the amount of clearing to do so, especially when there is so much at stake.

Two sugar orchids found on the corner of Sandplain and Toodyay roads
Clubbed spider orchid found Salt Valley Road
A Dancing Spider Orchid near Sandplain and Toodyay road intersections

Fernie  Road Intersection


Section 2 Fernie Road Intersection

Section 2 Fernie Intersection
Fernie and Toodyay road intersection

Other areas

It’s not just about amazing old-growth trees but also there are a diverse range of plants (some priority plants, including Beaufortia purpurea), springs, wetlands and also an amazing 300 + metre section that is saturated with native orchids.

Within the stretch between Dryandra Road and Morangup road, you can find Dancing Spider Orchids, Mignonette Orchids, Wandoo Beard Orchids, Donkey Orchids, Pink Fairies, Cowslips, Greenhoods and a huge stand of Scented Sun orchids.

Scented Sun orchid near Dryandra road
Beaufortia purpurea
Wandoo Beard Orchid near Dryandra Rd
Mignonette Orchids near Dryandra road

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Bright blue Leschenaultia flowers found along Salt Valley Road
Two Rufous treecreepers in a Wandoo paperbark hollow


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