Celebration of a special tree: the Powder-bark wandoo

Part of our mission is to promote the environment and tourist value of our scenic roads. One way we are doing this is by education, providing information about our wonderful environment.

Our first attempt is a flyer about the wonderful powder-bark wandoo and how special it is, supporting a whole range of wildlife as well as us humans.

Download and print the flyer below, grab one at the Toodyay Visitor Centre or come and find us at the next Toodyay Farmers market. 

The Powder-bark wandoo is so special, local Toodyay resident, Greg Warburton wrote this poem:


By Greg Warburton
Sentinel, guardian, Lord of the Trees,
You are four hundred years of history,
Centuries of drought, fire and storm,
No white man here when you were born,
Roots way down in the ancient laterite,
Immense your girth, lofty your height,
Your branches a refuge for zoology,
Under your bark an entire ecology,
Oxygen pumping from your crown,
Keeping the salt below the ground,
Your skin in autumn an apricot hue,
Nectar in spring another gift from you,
From seed small as a grain of sand,
To a living thing with sap in your veins,
Shedding, renewing across the seasons,
To destroy you now there is no reason,
But Main Roads are their own master,
They say so we can drive our cars faster,
Their machines will growl and descend,
Bulldozer and mulcher spell your end,
Might and majesty reduced to dust,
Those who care in shock and disgust,
When it is done this death sentence,
Who will it be that pays the penance?
Isn’t the cost too much and insane?
To sacrifice you for a passing lane?
So we can speed across asphalt stark,
Where once grew a mighty Powder Bark.

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