MRWA Construction Update

A construction update from MRWA, Wednesday, 9 November :

….construction activity on the 740m section of Toodyay Road adjacent to Coorinja Winery will begin at the end of the month. I acknowledge this is approximately a month later than initially advertised. This was due to a slight delay in finalising procurement for the works.

Construction activity will take place in this area from the end of November through to April 2023. We do not envisage significant disruption to traffic, though please note a temporary speed reduction will be in place and road users are advised to drive with care. It is also likely that a small number of short term (5-30 minute) closures will be required to enable to safe removal of a rocky outcrop to the north of the road. Further information will be shared with the community once dates and details have been received from the contractor.

This information, in addition to an update on services relocations activity in other locations along the project alignment, is contained in our latest Construction Update publication, which is attached for reference.

Chris Rickard

Strategic Communications & Stakeholder Relationships Specialist – Infrastructure Delivery
Strategic Communications Directorate
p: +61 9323 6223

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