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Save Toodyay Road from unnecessary clearing by signing our petition.

We ask Main Roads WA to review roadwork plans on some sections of Toodyay Road until a cooperative joint planning group have explored a range of alternative options that address road safety and community concerns about the clearing footprint and impact on the heritage, scenic and environmental values of Toodyay Road.

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Send a postcard or email

Sign and send a postcard urging our Minister for Environment & Climate Action to enact stricter regulations to keep clearing to a minimum when planning roads.

Download and print the pdf and send to the Minister or copy the text below and send an email to

Dear Minister,

Between 2019 and 2022, 257 hectares of native vegetation was approved for clearance for the purpose of road construction or maintenance. We all want safer roads but our precious environment does not need to be sacrificed to achieve this.

There are alternatives to land clearing that can improve roads as effectively as excessive widening or unnecessary realignment.

Poorly administered environmental regulations make it easy to clear without justification.

To preserve roadside vegetation, vital habitat and our beautiful landscape, I ask you to enforce stricter regulations that make excessive clearing a last resort when planning roads.


We value your opinion whether you are a Toodyay local or a visitor to the area.

Thank you for your input. We have now closed the survey.

Bright blue Leschenaultia flowers found along Salt Valley Road
Two Rufous treecreepers in a Wandoo paperbark hollow

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